Welcome all to Xrayhits.com !!!

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Welcome all to Xrayhits.com !!!

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:31 pm

My name is Jay Pham, I'm living in Houston TX, and I'm the owner of Xrayhits.com!!
I've joined many ptc websites before and I'm very tired of waiting for them to payout. Of course there is some good ptc websites but not all. Some ptc websites pay you on time, while some other take 45-90 days.

1dollarptc.com & twodollarptc.com are good examples.
That's why I decided to open a ptc website by myself, I guaranteed I will pay all members out within 3 days !! I have been a member and I knew how members feel if they have to wait for payouts.

Xrayhits.com is currently having low members and have very low traffic. I hope you guys will give my site a try, neither you are members or advertisers.

I'm trying my best on advertise xrayhits.com so more members will join us soon. I will pay 70% of my profit to all of my members. For example, If I earn $10, you will earn $7, and maybe $1 for each of referrals you have. As you know you will earn 10% of each referrals earning.

I know there is only 10+ ads for now, and its hard for members to stay at xrayhits.com because its has so less of ads. But don't worry, I'm sure more ads will be available soon. Join us and stay with us guys !!! Wink


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